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Loteria Game

Don Clemente

Loteria 10-board Bag Set

$ 3.98
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This bag set version of the classic Don Clemente loteria from Mexico contains the best and most famous artwork of its genre, such as "La Sirena" and "El Borracho." This "Mexican Bingo" bag set contains:

  • Ten playing boards
  • Deck of 54 cards

Played like bingo, except with images instead of numbers and letters. A dealer flips the cards one at a time and players match the images to their boards. First to get four in a row, calls out, "¡Loteria!" and wins the game. [You can also play blackout, four corners, etc., anyway you like.]

Many people also use the cards and boards to make art and other handicrafts, and as a Spanish learning tool, which is also why this Don Clemente version is the most sought after loteria in the world.

Don Clemente (Pasatiempos Gallo), tradition since 1887.

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