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Air Fresheners!!

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We've been sitting on this idea for a while, but decided to launch in 2019. Great designs, great fragrances at a great price.

Full color front with card pattern on back.

  • El Diablito: Lemon
  • La Dama: Strawberry
  • El Catrin: Lavendar
  • La Sirena: Ocean
  • El Valiente: Orange
  • La Muerte: New Car
  • La Bandera: Fruit
  • La Mano: Lily
  • La Luna: Jasmine
  • El Borracho: Nightshade
  • El Corazon: Jasmine
  • El Musico: Pine
  • El Nopal: Pine
  • La Rosa: Rose
  • El Sol: Vanilla
  • La Chalupa: Apple
  • Nopalito: Green Tea
  • Pan Dulce Republic: Coffee

Special: Get FREE SHIPPING (USA only) when ordering three or more! Select "3-Pack" option, and specify designs during checkout ("Add a Note to your Order").

Size: about 2.75" W x 4" H.

Thick paper with elastic string to hang in your car, room or anywhere you need freshening up.

Another fun product by Xochico.

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